Highland Woods April Rate Increase

Highland Woods
800 Quacco Rd.
Savannah, GA 31419
April 19, 2024
Dear Tenant,
Your M/H/P community continues to experience an increase in costs across the board such as wages, insurance, taxes, interest rates, utilities, costs of materials and repairs. Also, a major increase is the fire fee to Chatham Fire.
Also, recently besides drainage some improvements by management are and will be street lighting, road repairs, mail shelters, the lake dock and general lot clean up. Once the Quacco Road widening is completed the MHP entrance improvements will be constructed.
Your M/H/P has some of the lowest rents in the region.  We invite you to compare.
Starting July 1, 2024 the monthly lot rent will increase by $25.00 per lot over the current rent.
Also, all homes must have the lot number on the side of the home that faces the road. It must be large enough to be seen from the road (2-3 inches). This is to help emergency responders to locate a home easily and quickly. Also street markets at the lots or in the common areas are strictly prohibited!
Also, lots must be kept clean. Otherwise M/H/P staff will clean up the lot and the cost will be added to the lot tenant’s rent. Finally ingress and egress and driving within the Park is limited to the designated roads. No driving and crossing on easements, yards and common areas is allowed. Personal  property must be contained in each lot only. It is not allowed to be in the easement, alley way or between each lot. All vehicles on property must have a current tag and registration. Failure to comply will result in vehicle being towed.
If you have any questions please call the office at 912-925-9673
Thank You,
The Management